When you wear a Headed Somewear scarf, the scarf becomes an extension of you. Whether you wear hijab, don't wear hijab, are Muslim, or are not-  don't quiet down. Don't hide behind typical fashion. Don't hide behind typical scarves.
When we do photoshoots for our Lookbook with our lovely model team, we love having them put a bit of themselves into their outfits. We don't come up with all the looks ourselves- we ask different people from different backgrounds, religions, and races to combine their vision with ours. We want to inspire you and want to show you that "traditional" just isn't going to cut it anymore. 

Black Skyline + Black Heartbeat by Headed Somewear | Model: Fanta + Syeda

Constellation by Headed Somewear | Model: Arfa

Rust Malai Lawn by Headed Somewear | Model: Aziza 

Crisp White GeorgetteConstellation by Headed Somewear | Model: Fanta + Syeda

Black Birds by Headed Somewear | Model: Walaa

 Black Heartbeat by Headed Somewear | Model: Aziza

Black Grid by Headed Somewear | Model: Eva

Front Page/Slider Image Credits: 

First 2 Images:
Jackie Barr Photography
Arfa C
Yasmine H

Last 2 Images:
Shabih Aftab Photography
Pris Jay
Kiara Marshall
Kayla Garcia 
Mao Hanada
Makeup by Arooj
Kayanda Ashley Makeup