Love a style but not sure if you'll know how to wear it? No worries! We understand some of these styles may be confusing to wear for a first-timer. Luckily, theyre all very easy to learn allhum!
See below for all our tutorials :) For any questions, please feel free to email headedsomewear@gmail.com. We can provide further insight as to how to wear the scarves iA <3


Rectangle Scarf Tutorials

1. Ruffle

how to wear: Simply wrap the scarf, ruffles on the left hand side (keep it shorter) and then wrap the longer side around your head. 

2. Bow Scarf 

how to wear- keep bow on left hand side; don't keep it too long. Wrap the other side around the neck or around the head. Pin shorter side with bow in place across chest. 

Studded Collar 


Square Scarf  

1. Bow Scarf (or any rectangle scarf)

how to wear: fold the end into a triangle and wrap until the bow rests on shoulder. Undercap not necessary.  

(more tutorials coming soon - this concept can be applied to all scarves!)