Dandelion - Cream - Modal Hijab (1st Edition)

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What It Stands For :
    • You are not for everyone - and that's okay.
    • Trying to please everyone and anyone will only rob me of my happiness.
    • This hijab is a reminder for me every time I need an extra bit of motivation emphasizing that.
Meaning Behind the Hijab :

Do you know a single person who is loved by everyone? (and I mean everyone). Neither do we! 

In a society where everyone is comparing themselves to one another/aspiring to be like the “societal norm”, this hijab serves as a gentle reminder that you are your own norm. You are the perfect standard to be as you are.

This scarf goes out to all the people pleasers, the women who spend a little too much time overthinking what the next person will say about them behind their back. We’ve all been there, and tell ourselves it’s something we’ll work on fixing, something we need to address. 

** Larger, Original Design

About Modal : This Modal hijab is the ideal material for every hijabi’s collection. We know how stressful it can be to wear a hijab that isn’t comfortable, which is why we’ve chosen this  lightweight, easy-to-wrap fabric. The perfect balance of style, comfort, and ease makes our modal an excellent choice for hijab. It’s effortless to wrap - and looks fabulous worn! 

  • Features: Easy to wear + style. Our lightest and most durable fabric yet.
  • Material: 100% Rayon
  • Type: Rectangle Hijab. 
  • Size: 30 X 70 inches.


  • Wash cold & separate only
  • Recommended to hand wash
  • Machine wash on delicate cycle only
  • Air dry
  • Iron inside out on low

 Return Policy :

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