"Healing is Not Linear" Hijab - Pink Salt

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About the Within Collection : Headed Somewear’s Within Line is meant to start a discussion around mental health, the stigma it holds in our communities, and growth. Featuring 2 new designs, this collection embodies growth and battling inner struggles. It normalizes ideas of owning your mental health journey, having conversations around it, and more. 

Meaning Behind the Scarf : The Healing is Not Linear Scarf is meant to be a gentle reminder to be easy on ourselves. No one’s journey to healing is straightforward. There are meant to be ups and downs. 

Sometimes, we also don’t understand that our journey might look very different from the person next to us- and that’s okay. We have to acknowledge our own successes and try our best to not be disheartened by the process (much easier said than done!). 

This scarf is meant to serve as a small reminder throughout the day and meant to be for us alone. We’ve kept the words on this scarf on one corner of the scarf. The idea behind this minimal design is for ladies who don’t necessarily want to announce their mental health journey to the world and just want it to be for themselves. The words can be tucked away like a mantra for yourself, or displayed as a conversation piece. We’ve left that part completely up to you.

Features: Easy to wear + style. Super lightweight. 

Material: Malai Lawn. An extremely soft, breathable fabric that feels like air when wrapped. This material is very light and stays in place for a long period of time. We recommend this fabric for those looking for an easy scarf to wear. 

Type: Rectangle Hijab. Full design

Size: 24 1/2 X 72 inches.

Care : Chlorine free detergent, wash & dry on lowest cycle available. Recommended to wash separate. Iron inside out to preserve high quality of design on scarf. 

 Return Policy : Our customer's satisfaction is important to us. That's why we have a 30 day return policy. Simply email us with your order number to return.