Preserve - Olive
Preserve - Olive
Preserve - Olive
Preserve - Olive

Preserve - Olive

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The Preserve Collection is unlike any other line we’ve released. With these scarves, Headed Somewear hopes to raise awareness about climate change and the severity of global warming. 

Earth is our home. We are awed by it’s beauty & wonders, and yet we look the other way when we hear about the Australian wildfires, burning animals, extinct species, and melting glaciers. We think this issue is one that won’t affect us in our lifetime, but it WILL & it already has begun to. 

That’s why with this collection, we want to make a difference. For every sale Headed Somewear makes with the Preserve Collection, we will be donating $1 to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to further the fight against climate change.


The Forest Custom Print is on one side of the scarf.

Rectangle Hijab/Scarf

Material: Malai Lawn - An extremely soft, breathable fabric that feels like air when wrapped. This material is very light and stays in place for a long period of time. We recommend this fabric for those looking for an easy scarf to wear. 

Size: 24 1/2 X 72 inches.

Wash Instructions- Chlorine free bleach, wash separately & dry on lowest cycle available 

Ironing Instructions- Iron inside out to preserve high quality of design on scarf

Convenience- Malai lawn is very easy to toss, wrap, and go. See below for a quick example on how to wear this material!-

Photo Credits: 
Shabih Aftab Photography  

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