Bridge - White
Bridge - White

Bridge - White

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The Bridge Scarf is meant to inspire women to build bridges and sisterhoods. It is easy to view other women as our competition, especially with our upbringing, social media, and patriarchal standards. We believe that real women empower other women, and to prove it, we took a look at the women who helped shaped OUR brand in honor of the Mind & Soul Collection. 

As a result, Headed Somewear launched the “Our Women” Interview series in which we interviewed 40 empowered women about their experiences, as well as how other women helped shape who they are. We hope this series, as well as this scarf, reminds us that sisterhoods can change lives. Remember, if we will compete and hold back on building bridges and sisterhoods, how are we helping women everywhere? We are each other’s support system, one that will only grow faster and more sturdier than before- but only if we let it. 


Type: Rectangle Hijab/Scarf

Material: Malai Lawn - An extremely soft, breathable fabric that feels like air when wrapped. This material is very light and stays in place for a long period of time. We recommend this fabric for those looking for an easy scarf to wear. 

Size: 24 1/2 X 72 inches.

Wash Instructions- Chlorine free bleach, wash & dry on lowest cycle available. Wash small loads with other scarves.

Ironing Instructions- Iron inside out to preserve high quality of design on scarf

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