Our Scarves

Custom Designs

We take pride in the work our team puts in the creation of our custom designs. Each of our designs has a story, a purpose, and a specific ideology in mind. 

1. The Heartbeat

The Heartbeat Scarf was created when our designer was in Calculus 5 in college, doodling on the side of the notebook when the idea just came to her.  When she ran home and sketched the idea in more detail, she began to show everyone around her and everyone LOVED it. From med students to artists to mothers - the idea was something that hadn't been done before. It was creative, it was new- it was daring. 

And that is exactly what this scarf represents. The Heartbeat Scarf  is a symbol of breaking boundaries every single day. It represents being brave, bold, and courageous and not letting anyone or anything stop you from your goals. It symbolizes women fighting battles and chasing dreams to no end, despite restrictions set by society and culture.  

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2. Birds

The Birds Scarf, one of the scarves from the Embrace Collection, represents letting go. It symbolizes abandoning the notion of what is considered "perfect" and embracing yourself.

It represents no longer viewing your imperfections as such. However, each and every one of us has traits, features, and ideas that are considered "imperfect". Instead of hiding behind these traits, we should let go of this notion and celebrate the gifts God gave us.

Here's us celebrating this idea of letting go and embracing who you are.

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3. The Skyline

Inspired by the New York Skyline, this scarf was designed with "growth" in mind. Whether that be growth be in the personal, work, or religious sense- it is important to constantly set higher standards, to challenge yourself, and to aim high. Staying locked up in your comfort zone feels great- but nothing excellent can result from it. It is only when we push ourselves to new limits do we see change.

It's interesting because designing this scarf was an experience on it's own. The team went through five different templates for the skyline design before finally perfecting it to the one you see now. We didn't settle for a design that was just "good"- we wanted it to be extraordinary. We wanted it to be unforgettable.

We wanted to inspire YOU to be the same. 

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4. The Constellation

This scarf is dedicated to the women out there who are constantly giving and giving and never allowing time for themselves. To the women who are mothers and taking care of their children, to the women who are running a household; to the women who are relentlessly undermined at work; to the women who are both; to the women who are struggling with mental illness - this scarf is dedicated to you.

Take a deep breath, pray, and give yourself time. Take a bath, read a book, paint, go for a run, or simply look up at the stars. Do something for you- you absolutely deserve it. 

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5. Dandelion

The Dandelion Scarf represents tackling the fears, obstacles, and hesitations we all have in embracing our "imperfections". It acknowledges that society has a typical standard of beauty, intellect, body type, skin color it considers "perfect". Light eyes, light skin, a certain body type, a certain mindset is what is considered "perfect". However, the idea that only one type of woman exists is absurd.

Here's us saying it's okay to be your own kind of beautiful- it's time to let your potential soar. 

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6. Branches

The Branches Scarf was designed with the intention of learning to grow but making sure your roots were intact. We cannot be untrue to ourselves and loose everything we hold dear just for the intention of becoming bigger and better. Our values- our core beliefs- must never be compromised.

So go on and challenge yourself, be better and be excellent. But remember where you come from, what you believe in, and those beneath you.

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