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Our Message

Each woman has something to bring to the table - her vision, experiences, ideas and more. At Headed Somewear, we are committed to empowering each woman feel confident, comfortable, and free enough to represent herself. This isn't something we take lightly or feel can be done in a single step. Rather, it is an uphill battle, but one we are willing to fight for. 

Our designs allow women to feel connected and to express themselves. We design each of our scarves with meaning and purpose. When a woman wears our scarves, she is showcasing a message, a piece of her personality to the world.

We hope when you browse through our social media and website, you find certain designs, models, or concepts you relate to. We hope this gives you the courage to be yourself whole heartedly. You are enough and have so much to offer. It's time the world knew it. 

We Want To Represent YOU

Representation is very important to us at Headed Somewear. 

Part of confidence is feeling accepted and knowing you are beautiful. This goes deeper when we realize a lot of us did not grow up seeing models that looked like us.

That's why at Headed Somewear, we go the extra mile. We want the models wearing our scarves to look like YOU so you can imagine yourself making our scarves your own. 
As a brand which specializes in modest wear, we know how difficult it was to grow up not seeing women who covered.  Because of this, we make a conscious, continuing effort to feature as many different types of women as possible. By seeing models that look like us, we are more likely to feel beautiful and represented, which is truly important.

Why Us?

No where else will you find exclusive custom designs inspired by art, growth, and creativity. Our designs are created by us and are not found anywhere else.

For our plain scarves, we select each and every one of our color carefully, after months of prepping, researching, and evaluating the latest trends. We want to offer the best and ONLY the best to our loyal customers. 



Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,

the Headed Somewear Team


Credits for images from our latest shoot - 

Photography: Shabih Aftab Photography

Models: Mohima | Pris | Carlene | Azra | Valerie | Ameenah | Zainab | Jameelat | Lipe 

Florist: Buds & Blooms NY