Our Story

Our Vision

We believe in breaking boundaries. There is so much our culture and society has normalized and we just don't believe in accepting that. Quite frankly, tradition just isn't going to cut it anymore.

In everything we do- we aim to be the best and the boldest. We continuously create and design scarves that represent the modern woman - despite her race, religion, and size. We cherish and celebrate creativity, innovation, and growth. We want to encourage women everywhere to rise despite any normalized restrictions other people may place on her. 

We Want To Represent YOU

You, the customer, is our priority. We aim to pick models who aren't just a "cookie-cutter" Westernized standards of beauty with the light skin and colored eyes.

We want the models wearing our scarves to look like YOU so you can imagine yourself making our scarves your own. How many times have colored women and women of different body sizes had to imagine a product on themselves by pure imagination? When scrolling through a mainstream retail company- do you notice any women who look like you? 

We noticed that was a problem and so we make a conscious, continuing effort to feature as many different types of women as possible.

Why Us?

We believe in high quality for an affordable price. We do not believe in overcharging an insane amount for a single scarf. We do not believe in making a profit off of shipping either.

No where else will you find exclusive custom designs inspired by art, growth, and creativity. We select each and every one of our plain colors carefully, after months of prepping, researching, and evaluating the latest trends. We want to offer the best and ONLY the best to our loyal customers. 




Thanks for reading!

Best wishes,

the Headed Somewear Team



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