5 Ways Statement Hijabs Step Up Your Hijab Game

5 Ways Statement Hijabs Step Up Your Hijab Game

Can’t stop wearing statement hijabs? Just starting to think about mixing up your style with new scarves?

Either way, here are 5 reasons we love them!

1. Express yourself

What you wear is a way to tell your own story, so why not express yourself through your hijab?

The hijab is already such a powerful statement about your connection to your religion and culture, and one of the most inspiring things about wearing it is how it connects something universal with something personal. So many women wear them, but everyone has their own unique understanding of what they mean.

Statement hijabs let you express a little of this unique relationship to the world. Choosing colors, patterns, shapes, and designs that are meaningful to you is a way to honor and celebrate your experience of wearing the hijab.

For example, you might choose a unique hijab that that shows your interests, hobbies, or experiences! The Heartbeat Hijab isn’t just for people in the medical field (although it’s pretty perfect for nurses and doctors!) – it can also communicate your love for adventure, travel, excitement… anything that gets your heart racing!


2. Give yourself a spotlight

So many women struggle with giving themselves room to shine. It’s difficult to get past years of society telling us to blend in but choosing a statement hijab is one step towards standing out from the crowd.

We especially love hijabs that have a hint of symbolism to remind us of what amazing qualities we want to show the world. Our Constellation Hijab uses a star pattern to remind us of the immeasurable ways women in our lives light the way, and inspires us to light the way for others!

3. They're great conversation starters

Anyone who loves statement hijabs will tell you that they’re the world’s best conversation starter!

When you express yourself through your hijab, it’s an invitation for others to express themselves, too.

A unique hijab in your favorite color, pattern, or design is an instant magnet for people who love your style. Our Caffeine Hijab gets people curious with a minimalistic caffeine molecule design, and it’s the perfect prompt to grab an afternoon coffee with a new friend!


4. They can be just for you

Statements don’t have to be for other people – sometimes you’re making a statement for yourself.

For days when you want a reminder of who you are, what you believe, and what you value, a simple statement hijab is the perfect way to ground yourself.

Minimalistic designs, like our Healing is Not Linear, can be easily tucked away if you want a message just for you.

5. Step up an outfit in seconds

If you love looking put together, but you’re short on time, statement hijabs are for you!

It’s just one step to tie your outfit together, adding a little something special. Having a few unique hijabs in neutral colors is a great idea, because it gives you a lot of versatility.

But don’t feel like you have to have your whole life together, just because you want to look put together! We made our Birds Hijab specifically for women who feel the pressure to be “perfect”. This hijab design reminds us to free ourselves from those standards and celebrate our imperfections.

If our list hasn’t convinced you, don’t worry – we totally get it! Some people prefer more understated scarves, and that’s why having a variety of options is so important. Everyone should be able to find a scarf they love.

However, if you really like the idea of statement hijabs, but feel like they might be too bold or flashy, take this as a sign to try wearing them! 

Your hijab is already such a beautiful way to express yourself, and a statement hijab lets you personalize that expression even more. Whether you want to spark up conversations, or want to keep it more to yourself, you might be surprised by how much you love making a statement!

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