A Quick, Easy Way to Organize Your Hijabs

A Quick, Easy Way to Organize Your Hijabs


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in your closet or drawers? That’s how I felt about my hijab/scarf drawer! I knew I wanted to make a change - the question was how?

There's so many bright ideas all over the internet for sure. While I loved them all, I wanted something that was quick, easy, and cost effective. That's when I came across adjustable drawer dividers on Amazon and they changed the game for me. I was skeptical at first, but once I saw how adjustable they were, I was so happy!

The first thing I did was donate any scarf I haven’t used in a really long time. I really want to try and be clutter free, and that means understanding that I need versatile scarves. For me, prints that have meaning or are compatible with my wardrobe are a must because I know they'll be used more.

Since most of my scarves are from Headed Somewear, it was difficult to part ways with anything I haven't worn since they were released. Still, I felt good about it since one of our scarves would hopefully make someone’s day!

When organizing, I made compartments of four with the adjustable dividers. This allowed me to have different sections - one for each kind of material or use.

  • On the top left hand side, I kept my favorite Malai Lawn colors (super easy & comfortable to wear when going out)
  • On the right hand side were my Premium Viscose scarves (basically the ones I grab for zoom calls lol).
  • On the bottom left, I had evening scarves and Chiffons.

The section that was the most over piling was the bottom right one! The one with alllll the Headed Somewear custom prints. These beauties are the reason why I can’t do an overload of hijabs/scarves anymore. I feel like less is more, and these scarves do all the talking so I can put more of my time into minimal, clean, versatile clothing pieces.  

I feel like these days, my motto is - how long will this last me? I believe in pieces that are wholesome and unique, as well as high quality. Each of our scarves is just that - so it works out! 

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Tell us how you organize your scarves! 


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