Colors of Morroco - Inspiration Behind Chiffon

Colors of Morroco - Inspiration Behind Chiffon

We express ourselves with color.

There are certain colors we are all inclined to, whether it be for our notebooks, cars, eyeshadow palettes, or wardrobes. Colors allow us to wear our personalities, to express ourselves, to make getting dressed up that much more fun. 

That's why we chose 15 colors for our Chiffon Collection. Having this variety was very important to us because we wanted each person to find the perfect color for them. From nudes, to muted pinks, to vibrant shades - each color is selected with you in mind.

The inspiration behind the Chiffon colors was Morroco. Morroco is a breathtaking country, bursting with colors, life, and laughter. It was the perfect place to shoot our Chiffon Collection. From mosques, to the Blue City, to the flowers - Morroco has every color you could possibly think of.

We've put together a mini gallery of some of our favorite moments from our trip. We hope you look at these photos and find as much joy as we did in this gorgeous country!


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