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"Our Women" Interview Series

"Our Women" Interview Series

Sometimes, we take the power and resilience knitted into our communities for granted.
We do not realize that our mothers, sisters, aunts, best friends, and communities have women who have sacrificed pieces of themselves for their loved ones. We do not realize that the many women we scroll past on social media have a story, experiences, and struggles they surpassed and became stronger for.
Because the truth of the matter is - women empower other women.  I know I would not be here without the many, many strong women who helped ME get to where I am. Headed Somewear would not be as strong, brilliant, and exclusive as it is today. From the beginning photoshoots, to the collaborations, advice, and so much more - each and every model, blogger, friend, photographer, influencer, and inspiration has had an impact on our story.
That's why with our "Mind & Soul" Collection, we wanted to honor Our Women. We wanted to honor YOU. We wanted to share the stories, triumphs, challenges, and lessons over 40 women shared with me-  because true empowerment means support and love.
I want to ask you read these stories and reflect. If someone's story hits home and inspires you in any which way, reach out to them. Let them know. Support them. In order to build a stronger community where we are one another's supporters instead of competitor's, we need to build stronger bonds, one interaction at a time.
Thank you so much for reading & enjoy,
the Headed Somewear Team

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