The Women Behind the Origins Collection - 2nd All Women's Team in the Past 6 Months

The Women Behind the Origins Collection - 2nd All Women's Team in the Past 6 Months

We believe in practicing what you preach. As a brand that aims to empower women, we felt that it was important to have an all-women's team for as many collections as possible! Even though it's really difficult, this is the SECOND time Headed Somewear has had an all women's team in the past 6 months! Woohoo!

And so, if you've seen our recent photos of the Oirigns Collection, you KNOW how *stunning* our shoot went. Of course, all this would not have been possible without the incredible talent available on the day of the shoot. 

Please see below for the incredible women involved in our shoot. Check them out, share their pages, and support them! Remember, sometimes support is as simple as following them or engaging with their work. It truly goes a long way. 


Shabih Aftab has been Headed Somewear's photographer for many collections. She is an incredible energy, super thoughtful about our vision & models, and never fails to impress. 

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Salsabil possesses a unique eye for creative direction and styling. The Headed Somewear team really felt a difference in our shoot with her on board. She knew just how to drape everyone's scarves, adjust the model's individual unique items from their countries, and provide insight the entire journey. She was a huge help in researching each ethnicities cultures and perfecting our mood board, looks, and poses. 

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Ashley was such a delight to have on board and was super adaptable to whatever was needed. She is an exceptional make up artist and was a pleasure to work with. A true professional, she constantly went above and beyond just the initial looks and was there to provide touch ups, have conversations, and have a great time with all of us. 

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Nida, the designer at Headed Somewear, designed the concept of the Origins Collection. She picked the colors & materials of the scarves and planned the idea behind the shoot. With her vision, and the talent at Headed Somewear, the Origins Collection was able to come to life. 


Find more about the models here.

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