A Look at the Women Behind the Relaunch

A Look at the Women Behind the Relaunch

About Our Relaunch:

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we've been working super hard on our relaunch for the past few months. Our best selling prints sold out wayyyy faster than we had anticipated and because of COVID (and many other factors) it took us a super long time to get a restock. 

Along the road of relaunching our best selling products, we decided to take a moment. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's to take a step back, and reevaluate what you know. Pause, ponder, and come back stronger. 

So while our shipments were delayed, we brainstormed and decided to use this time as an opportunity to not only throw a big relaunch, but to also rebrand. We wanted to present a powerful and polished story to you all and showcase exactly what we stand for. 

What We Worked On:

Here are some improvements you can see: 

  • We restocked our best selling designs, dropping 9/30 11 AM!
  • We built our entire website up and worked really long and hard on the kinds of things YOU need to see when browsing through product catalogs.
  • We shot videos to showcase the way the fabric moves so it's easier to see exactly how lightweight and airy some of these fabrics are. 
  • We also now accept MULTIPLE payment options (instead of just PayPal). We take Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and more: 
  • We now offer free shipping off a minimum amount to Canada 
  • One more surprise to be announced soon, stay tuned! 

Our Team:

We are so blessed to have SO many incredible women apart of our journey. From the influencers who are taking part in sharing our products, to the team members on site for our relaunch, we appreciate EACH and every one of you.

For our Relaunch Photoshoot, we had an ALL-WOMEN'S TEAM. How boss is that?! Each of the ladies involved in this shoot were talented, down-to-earth, and genuine ladies! See below for their info and how to get in touch with them.

Who Was Involved:


Shabih Aftab Photography : Our go-to photographer for most of our shoots- she's just that amazing! Shabih has the most vibrant energy which makes it so much fun to work with her in shoots. My models, myself, and the whole team feels super comfortable working with her. Check her out here

Videos by Sahar Ahmed : It's super tough to find a great female videographer who's willing to go the extra mile! Sahar was professional, kind, and had a great vision in mind. She captured exactly what we had in mind for our branding video on our Instagram. You can check her out here

Models : At Headed Somewear, we don't choose our models for anything other than their passion and their energy. It's important to us to have a WONDERFUL time while shooting, and each of the models we worked with were kind, sweet, and wanted to be apart of our message. Working with these ladies (not all pictured here) was and always is an incredible experience. 

Models listed below. Click on the link to see their Instagram: 

Florist: Our photos would not be the same without the intricate set up Buds & Blooms NY put together for our set. She knew exactly the kind of look we were going for and stayed throughout for support. Absolutely loved working with her! Check her out here

Masks: A huge thank you to Alex from Aweea Styles Masks! Alex sent us all a beautiful, plain mask to go with our minimal outfits. She sent them over SO fast and they were incredibly comfortable. She makes the most elegant masks out there. Check her out here

Studio Space : Our Studio space was also owned by a woman! We loved working somewhere that was understanding of our modesty and rules as covering women. Nadia was also a great delight to work with!

 All in all, our relaunch was a success thanks to these INCREDIBLE women!

Note : we have way more shoots, models, and people we work with. They are all tagged on our Instagram

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