10 Tips on How to Celebrate Eid While Quarantined

10 Tips on How to Celebrate Eid While Quarantined

A Different Eid

It's no secret that Eid will be very different this year. So many of us are unsure about whether or not we should even celebrate, since we'll be far away from our friends and family. We're so used to the huge Eid prayer every morning, the large with family, and the huge feasts surrounded by friends. Even if we wanted to celebrate Eid, what would that even look like?

We put together a list of 10 small ways you can celebrate this Eid! Hopefully by incorporating even one of these tips, it'll feel a bit like the holiday we all love.

10 Tips on How to Celebrate Eid

    1. Pray Eid Salah -


        I don't know about you, but it doesn't feel like Eid for me unless I'm going to Eid prayer. Since there's no prayer to attend, pray Eid at home to set your day in the right direction. You don't have to wake up super early to do this either. By praying Eid salah, you're telling yourself that no matter what, you're celebrating today.

        2. Enjoy a good Eid breakfast-

        Since we're obviously all going to be eating something on the morning of Eid, make it something to look forward to! Plan a breakfast (or brunch?) with your family and cook something you haven't made in a while. It'll give you guys something to look forward to and work together on as a family. 

        3. Make your favorite drink-

        Personally, my favorite part about Eid is having that first sip of coffee in the mornings! While in quarantine, things are obviously different in that we can't just walk into a coffee shop, but try making your own at home! If your local coffee shop is offering order pick-ups, opt for that instead.

        The reason why it's a great idea to look forward to that cup of coffee, is because it'll give you something to look forward to throughout the coming days before Eid. 

        4. Get ready for yourself-

        There's no need for an audience - you can & should absolutely dress up for yourself (and also, because it's Sunnah). You'll feel good, automatically get in the spirit, and trust me, it'll feel SO much more like Eid. 

        So many of us are used to buying new clothes for Eid, or going all out with our clothes, makeup, and more. Maybe this year, it's okay if Eid looks a bit different! Pull something out of your closet, even if it isn't the flashiest outfit you have. It can be comfortable and something you feel is pretty enough to get you ready to celebrate. 

        5. Take Photos-

        If taking photos is your thing, plan a time in the day to go out with your family. It can simply be in your backyard, at your local park (as long as you're practicing social distancing) or in your living room!

        I'd even recommend moving some furniture around and making a mini Eid-backdrop if you don't have any place else to take photos. Throw on your favorite filter, some props, and you've got yourself a whole photoshoot.

        6. Have a Social Distanced Event/Drive By-

         If you and your friends are all up for it, meet at a park and sit in your cars! It'll be a great way to catch up, feel good about the holiday, and celebrate. After all, we only get 2 holidays! (Only practice this while maintaining safety precautions).

        7. Have a Zoom/Video Call -

        For the friends & family you can't meet (or maybe you're not comfortable), host a huge Zoom/Facetime/Houseparty call. Since everyone will be at home, it'll be a lot easier to find a suitable time.

        8. Carry out any (safe) Eid traditions -

        If there's a safe Eid tradition you do every year, make sure to carry it out! For example, if you always give gifts to all your family members and friends and haven't been able to this year, you still can. It can be easy to make a quick DIY gift for them from your home.

        Remember- everyone's in the same boat, so anything nice you do could really help someone else feel the Eid spirit too!

        9. Decorate the house -

        This is so important! Just like most of us decorated our homes for Ramadan, it's time to think about small things to incorporate for Eid (if you feel it'll help you get in the celebrating mood). Something as easy as making a homemade "Eid Mubarak" sign and hanging your favorite string lights can get the job done.

        10. Celebrate how you want -

        Maybe this year, you're just not feeling it- and that's okay too. The most important thing to look at is your mental health. Maybe you don't feel like dressing up, taking photos, or having a family meal. Do whatever is best for you, and celebrate only if you want to. You know what's best for yourself. 

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