Mind & Soul Restock Event

Mind & Soul Restock Event

About the Event:

The Headed Somewear Team & I have been working ruthlessly these past few months to bring back the originally limited edition Mind & Soul Collection.  After months of designing, editing, bargaining, color sampling, and more, we not only had the collection ready to be prelaunched - we had also brought NEW COLORS to the mix!

This “soft launch” was supposed to be a surprise for you guys at ICNA. I was so excited to announce it, and tell you guys about all the hard work we had done behind the scenes.

However, we're pivoting our business with this COVID-19 craziness to adjust to the now. I know it sucks that all these events were cancelled. I feel you- I’m with you. 

That’s why we're launching a “5 DAYS OF PRELAUNCH” event with the limited stock we have available. Even though the Mind & Soul Collection was never meant to return to the website, we’re making an exception! 😊

Only Available for 24 Hours!

So what is meant to happen during the 5 days of prelaunch? On each of the days, ONE product/campaign will be launched.

If it’s a product, at the end of that 24 hours, it will no longer be available! 

See below for the full schedule! We'll be posting updates on our Instagram, so be sure to follow us & turn on post notifcations. 

I've also done stories with the scarves (saved on my highlights) if you'd like to take a closer look at the colors. 

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DAY 1 : Saturday 4/18 - “Our Community of Women” Video release 

  • A few weeks ago I asked you guys if you’d be interested in a skill set webinar kind of series! The purpose of this series is meant to encourage collaboration over competition. We each have SO many things we can offer to other women in our community, and I thought the best time to launch this was during our Mind & Soul Prelaunch! 😱
  • @shabihaftabphotography and I shot the FIRST video of this series and the first part will be released on Saturday 😉 
  • Topic : Navigating the Stresses of Corporate Life


      DAY 3: Monday 4/20 - MATH SCARF RELEASE 

      DAY 4: Tuesday 4/21 - CAFFEINE SCARF RELEASE 

      DAY 5: Wednesday 4/22 - MAP SCARF RELEASE


      1. What material is the Mind & Soul Collection?

      The Mind & Soul Collection, like all of our designs, is in malai lawn. 

      2. What if I order on two separate days? Will I have to pay shipping twice?

      Short answer- no! Simply put your order in as you normally would (it'll calculate based on your location & weight). Send me a DM with all the order numbers. I'll send you a receipt and let you know how much it was, and send the remaining back!

      Alternatively, you can also request a free shipping code after your first order. 

      3. I'm not sure what color is best for my skin tone. How do I pick?

      DM us at our Instagram here. I will personally work with you to help you find the right color for you!

      4. What did the Mind & Soul represent last time?

      When we launched the Mind & Soul Collection last year, we wanted to encourage sisterhood and empowering other women. With our initial launch, we interviewed over 40+ women to share their stories and how other women helped shape who they are today. You can find the whole thing here


      If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I can't wait for this launch and hope you all get the scarves you want! 



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