"Our Community of Women" Video Series

"Our Community of Women" Video Series

About the Series

How AWESOME would it be if women in our community could learn from one another...for free? 

We know- it would be pretty awesome.

That's why Headed Somewear is proud to announce the release of our new project: "The “Community of Empowered Women” Series, launching with the return of our Mind & Soul Collection. This series keeps YOU in mind with thought-provoking conversations, skill set webinars, & FREE resources to help empower other women.    

The thing is, we aren’t just talk. We want to help women (including ourselves!)  reach their goals, dreams, and aspirations by providing a support system for us all  to lean on.  

After all, we all have things to learn, skills to teach. Join our community - because  you need women looking out for you, now more than ever. 

We’ve got your back.   

Get a Free Handout!

Whethr or not you're able to tune in, we'll be offering a FREE handout with select guests! These handouts are meant to help you follow along with the videos, take notes, and do the exercises suggested. 

If you'd like to be apart of this movement, please email or DM us on Instagram


VIDEO 1 : Navigating the Stresses of Corporate Life (with Shabih Aftab)

Shabih and I discuss the stresses of corporate life, taking up space as a woman, making mistakes in finance, and more. Shabih is a financial analyst and runs a photography business as well! She's also one of my best friends so it was GREAT to have her as our first guest. Find the video on our Instagram.

Click here for the free handout! 


VIDEO 2: How to Stay Healthy During Ramadan (with Hanan)

Hanan discusses how to stay healthy during Ramadan, a month where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. She goes over working out, listening to your body during this month, and some healthy foods she likes to eat. Find the video on our Instagram.


VIDEO 3 : A Tough Look at Dentistry & Motherhood with Monira Uddin

Monira gives a very real look on dentistry as a hijabi Muslim woman and a mother. She goes over the positives of having a tough career, how to adjust expectations, and how women can do it all! Find the video on our Instagram

Click here for the free handout!

VIDEO 4 : Racism in the Muslim Community

Boshia goes over her experience with racism in the Muslim community. As a revert, she mentions how racism in our communities is a disappointment, especially since Islam forbids it. Be sure to watch the full video on our Instagram

VIDEO 5 : How to Self Publish a Book

Sara Bawany is a clinical social worker, an award-winning published poet, a writer, and a freelance editor. She goes over how to self-publish a book, sharpen your writing skills, and more. Find the video on our Instagram

Click here for the free handout!

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